For going with this approach, we need:

  1. Cheap mp3 player
  2. SD card for holding music
  3. Normally closed (NC) switch.
  4. Li-po battery (could be taken from mp3 player)
  5. Super slim speakers (two speakers for stereo support)
  6. CD Jewel case.


MP3 Playerr

__12.JPG The small player was found on eBay for 3$.



Building procedure

For building the self-playing cd is pretty simple, procedure is as this:

  1. Disassemble mp3 player, by removing board from the player shell.
  2. Desolder switch button, and solder a new switch that makes contact than it’s un-pressed and disconnects when pressed.
  3. Desolder battery and solder the bigger one (optional)
  4. Desolder audio jack, and solder speakers’ wires to the audio jack contacts.
  5. Insert button into the center of the case
  6. Glue mp3 player board, speaker s and battery to the case.
  7. Copy some mp3 files to SD card and insert into mp3 player.