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Blue IR solar version

Controlling TV, HiFi, DLP and similar IR controllable stuff is easy and fun from a smart phone using previously built smart remote, until it runs out of battery. Despite that Bluetooth Low Energy device (smart remote is built on it) uses so little of it, the battery will eventually run out. To overcome that, the old device was improved by adding a solar charger. Now the device runs from a Lipo battery and includes a solar charger, thus it should newer run of battery ever again. For housing this new remote and a solar panel some case is needed. As usual, the case was designed and 3d printed. Here are some photos of the case and its internals.
The solar version is now available on the Tinde, the source code and models are at the Github.


Self-playing cd case

IMG_1232.png Let’s build some annoying CD box that plays itself when opened. One of the options is to use some MCU and mp3 decoding chip for playback, but those chips a quite expensive. The other approach is to get cheap mp3 player and hack it for this project.

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BLEThrowie - Bluetooh LE enabled temperature, humidity, and light logger


Ever wonder if the light goes off in the fridge or what temperature stays in your cellar. We have built small, coin cell powered, Bluetooth smart temperature humidity and light level monitor. It logs temperature, humidity and light level for a whole week every hour, and its’ data can be overserved using iPhone or Android phone. The device could be found here: https://www.tindie.com/products/SingletonLabs/blethrowie/


User interface library for games

UI demo sample Building user interface for games could require some effort, which could be better spend on building game instead. So here is the created UI interface library and interface builder for C# games. It’s available at the https://github.com/drme/thw-ui.


Building Bluetooth Smart enabled Mini-Z

mini-z14060004.jpg Mini-Z RC cars are nice little radio controlled cars. They are fun to race and also look nice on the shelf. It’s possible to obtain ready to run kit, install batteries and star racing. Though this tutorial we will build our own mini-z directly from replacement parts, will build our own control board, and will use iPhone to control it instead of radio controller.

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Bletooth Smart enabled simple radio controled car


Radio controlled cars come with some big radio remotes for controlling them. Those remotes are not really convenient to carry especially then the car model is 1:28 or so, remote is 3-4 times bigger than actual car. Also, each car has its remote, so if we have several cars we have to have several remotes. So let’s build our own remote – use Smartphone for controlling the cars. In addition, we can use 1 Smartphone to control all cars. The car will provide some API for making more interesting controlling – like automated driving.

The full project info is at the GitHub.


ble-remote - controlling tv from smartphone


Many home entertainment devices come with some kind of remote control. If we have several of such devices, we would end up with lots of big and sometime ugly remote controls in the end. Maybe it would be nice to control all devices only by smart phone with as a simple application. So we have built small device that takes commands from SmartPhone using Bluetooth protocol and transmits those commands to relevant TV, DVD player, VCR, etc. device. The application and device allows controlling several TVs, DVD players, etc. using one SmartPhone. The whole project and build instructions are available at the github page


px360 - playing xbox 360 games with keyboard and mouse


Playing some types of games is not so confortable using game controller compared with playing them on PC using keyboard and mouse. This is, of course, mostly related of FPS games. It’s definitely possible to play those games with controller, and lots’ of gamers does that. But for some using keyboard and mouse is better.

Then Microsoft has presented smart glass software for windows phone and windows 8, it was quite exciting to hear that it would be possible to control Xbox from pc or phone. The reality is a little bit disappointing – yes, it’s possible to control but only dashboard, and some games that have built-in support for smart glass. Then the game is launched, the gamer has to grab controller. So what will do, we will hack the Xbox controller, plug it to the Arduino, make some software for PC and windows phone, to give some support for keyboard and mouse in fps games.

All project info is at my github project page



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